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  • Alayna Ford

    Alayna Ford received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education from the University of Delaware in 2013 and was certified through the state of Delaware in Secondary ELA, Elementary Education, and Special Education. She is currently working to obtain her Master of Education degree in Teacher Leadership through the University of Delaware. Alayna has a passion for literacy and writing instruction, and is working as a 9th grade English teacher at Odyssey Charter High School.

  • Aleta Thompson

  • Beth Holt

    Beth Holt is a 3rd grade teacher at Carrie Downie Elementary, a blended learning school in the Colonial School District located in New Castle, DE. She uses inquiry based instruction in her diverse classroom. She believes in students constructing meaning of their own learning with the teacher’s role solely as a facilitator.

  • Christine Labaze

    Christine Labaze is a reading enrichment teacher at Family Foundations Academy in New Castle, DE. She has a passion for teaching reading and writing which stems from her work with kindergarten and first grade students for the past 9 years. As a reading enrichment teacher, she helps support teachers from kindergarten to 4th grade teach reading and writing and works with students in whole group and small group settings with a focus on reading and writing. Christine has a deep interest in guided reading and writing workshop.

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