Delaware Writing Project

Stop! Drop! And Write!

By Rufus Jennings

“Building a Writing Community With in Your Classroom among Early Writers (K-2)”

As a teacher of early learners, I always express the importance of writing.  First, I model to my students the joy and excitement of knowing how to write for different purposes and different audiences.  Next, during circle time and small group instruction, I demonstrate, model and explain the writing process to my students.  Then, students get an opportunity to see, learn and practice writing daily with coaching and independent practice. Last, by providing students with an ample amount of time and with various writing strategies aid and foster a                                                                           community of writers within the classroom.

Grade Level Narrative Informational/Explanatory Opinion


Single or multiple
Described in order
Name of topic
Some information


Topic for name of book


First Grade



Two or more sequenced events
Temporary words for order
Sense of closure
Name of topic
Facts about topic
Sense of closure



Topic (or name of book)


Second Grade




Detailed or sequence of events
Details describing thoughts, feelings, and actions
Temporal words for order
Sense of closure
Name of topic
Facts or definitions
about topic
Concluding statement or



Topic (or name of book)
Reasons supporting opinion
Linking words
Connecting reasons
Concluding statement
or section

FIGURE 6.3   Important Elements for Audience and Purpose by grade level.  Coker and Ritchey,

“Teaching Beginning Writers”, p.96


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During his career as a public educator, Rufus Jennings has been recognized by his peers as a model educator resulting in several nominations for Teacher of the Year. Rufus Jennings graduated from Delaware Community College with a major in Human Services and Early Childhood Education.   He received Bachelor of Science degrees from Wilmington University, in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.  Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree from Delaware State University in Curriculum and Instruction. As a professional, Rufus is glad that he has had an opportunity to participate in workshops and professional development trainings which have aided and provided him with best practices strategies to use in his classroom.

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